About Screech

Screech is an affable guy who always lights up with a smile when regaling you with stories of the folks who love his produce. His favorite may be the one about the young girl who buys five miniature English cucumbers from him each week at the Hillsborough market. She unwraps each one (he wraps them in plastic to prolong freshness, instead of waxing them, like big growers do) and licks each one, before re-wrapping it. When he inquires about her peculiar ritual, she replies that licking them is the only way to prevent anyone from eating HER cucumbers.

The passion and care that goes into Screech’s greenhouses and his produce at Screech Owl Farms is evident in every tomato that you get from him. Each one embodies the platonic ideal of what a tomato should be, in color, shape, aroma, and flavor.

Good food.
Good fun.
Good community.

The market is open on Saturdays year round. During the prime months of April through November, the hours are 8am-12pm. December through March, the hours are 10am-12pm.